Embracing a Bold Financial Future

Being one of the earliest trailblazers in the realm of crypto tax regulation in Europe, our journey has always been about more than just providing services. It's about equipping individuals and businesses with the confidence and compliance to navigate the crypto frontier.

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What We Think

Cryptocurrencies bridge the gap, offering tools once reserved solely for the affluent and established institutions. We must embrace regulation, including taxation.

This is our mission: Equip you with the right tools for confident financial decisions, bolstered by smart insights and regulatory compliance.

Why Blockpit?

We're Pioneers

Europe's trailblazers in crypto tax regulation, actively shaping European policies for over 6 years.

Big4 Certified

Recognised as Europe's "most-trusted" crypto tax firm, our reports are dependable.

Made in Europe

Proudly based in Austria and Germany, we ensure GDPR-compliant data security and national legislative compliance.

We Know Crypto

Our dedicated support is always here, offering a personal touch.