Georg Brameshuber

Tax Advisor & Legal Scholar

Georg Brameshuber is tax advisor and legal scholar in cryptoeconomics. He is a Fellow at the Institute for Financial Law in Vienna and Web3 entrepreneur.


  • Cryptoeconomics
  • Fiancial Law
  • Tokenomics
  • Web3 Consulting



2022 Co-Founder, Block and Start; Web3 incubator 
2021 Co-Founder,
2020 Supervisory Board, Next Generation
2019 Co-Founder, Validvent
2018 Fellow at School in Law and Jurisprudence, Vienna
2017 Certified Public Advisor
2016 Senior Internal Auditor, Erber Group
2012 Senior Associate Audit, KPMG

Doctoral Studies, Vienna, Austria University

Mag. iur., University Graz, Austria