Blockpit for CPAs

The Crypto Tax Agent offers tax advisors a free interface to Europe's leading crypto tax software.

  • Efficient client management

  • Comprehensive export options

  • Full support for US crypto tax rules (IRS)

    Access to 350,000+ crypto users

Our Offer for
Tax Consultants

Manage your team and your clients in the most efficient way

Mange any number of employees and view/edit clients' accounts with a single login.
Manage all client information simply and securely in a central interface.

Easily offer your services to our growing customer base of 350,000+ users.

Simply list your services and get started–we'll take care of the rest, from KYC to payment.
Blockpit is also already being used by authorities in Austria and Germany.
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Tax Solutions

Comprehensive Tax Framework

Our algorithms map the current legal situation in more than 10 jurisdictions down to the last detail and ensure the highest level of legal certainty.

Reliable Database

Classification and price data for 2.5 million assets (coins, tokens, derivatives, NFTs & precious metals) from 400+ exchanges and blockchains.

Smart Data Integration

Optimized accounting processes with our AI-supported reconciliation and smooth exports to leading accounting systems such as BMD and RZL.

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Florian Wimmer & Fabian Leimer

CEO & Partnership Manager, Blockpit AG
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