Crypto Portfolio Tracker: The Best Solutions in 2024

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July 18, 2024

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  1. Blockpit: Blockpit offers a free, comprehensive crypto portfolio tracking solution with full support for NFTs and DeFi investments, focusing on regulatory compliance and tax optimization​​.
  2. CoinStats: CoinStats, compatible across multiple devices, offers user-friendly portfolio tracking with advanced alerts and strong security measures​​.
  3. Kubera: Kubera provides a holistic view of one's entire investment portfolio, syncing with banks and exchanges, and prioritizes security and privacy with a read-only data approach​​.
  4. Delta: Delta supports a wide range of assets and is known for its detailed asset analysis and real-time tracking, available on iOS and Android, suitable for active investors​​.

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Managing multiple cryptocurrency investments can be a daunting task. From the rapid price fluctuations to the ever-expanding array of tokens, exchanges, wallets and DeFi use cases, staying updated and making informed decisions requires more than just casual observation.

Enter crypto portfolio trackers, true game-changers for investors. In this guide, you’ll learn why a crypto portfolio tracker is a must-have for casual and serious crypto enthusiasts, what features to look for, as well as your best portfolio tracking options in 2024. Let’s get right to it!

The Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers 2024

<figure class="block-table">
               <th>Portfolio Tracker</th>
               <th>Special Features</th>
               <td>Full NFT &amp; DeFi support</td>
               <td>Advanced alerts</td>
               <td>From 199.88$/month</td>
               <td>Global financial sync</td>
               <td>From 150$/year</td>
               <td>Detailed asset analysis</td>
               <td>iOS, Android</td>


Blockpit crypto portfolio tracker

Blockpit is a comprehensive solution designed to cater to the specific needs of cryptocurrency traders and tax consultants. Blockpit stands out in the crypto portfolio tracking space with its expansive support for over 100,000 cryptocurrencies, a multitude of crypto wallets, and numerous exchanges, offering a broad operational scope for investors. Explore all supported integrations here.

Additionally, the crypto portfolio tracker fully supports NFTs with highly accurate pricing information, as well as tracking for DeFi investments alongside traditional assets.

Blockpit's standout feature is its focus on regulatory compliance, providing tools for detailed tax reporting and insights for tax optimization. Users appreciate its intuitive interface, which simplifies the often complex crypto tax calculation process associated with crypto investments​​.

This complete coverage ensures that Blockpit users have a one-stop solution for all their crypto investment tracking and tax reporting needs.


CoinStats crypto portfolio tracker

CoinStats is a highly accessible and versatile portfolio tracker compatible across multiple devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, and various web browsers. It has garnered positive user feedback for its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support, evidenced by high ratings on app stores and Trustpilot.

The platform offers a comprehensive set of features, including portfolio tracking, analytics, and advanced alerts and notifications. Security is a strong suit for CoinStats, with its read-only Public API feature adding an extra layer of protection for users’ investment data.

CoinStats makes tracking the history and performance of cryptocurrency investments convenient for users, allowing for comparison with historical prices​​​​​​.


Kubera crypto portfolio tracker

Kubera serves as a professional portfolio tracker that extends beyond cryptocurrencies, offering users the ability to monitor their net worth across a variety of asset classes, including stocks, bullion, and traditional banking products.

With its ability to sync with over 20,000 banks, exchanges, and wallets, Kubera provides a centralized platform for in-depth tracking of one's financial assets.

The service stands out for its security features, employing a read-only access approach to user data and refraining from sharing information with third parties, thereby enhancing user privacy and security. However, it only offers a paid subscription, with a 14-day trial available for new users​​​​​​.


Delta crypto portfolio tracker

Delta Investment Tracker provides a robust platform for users with diverse and multi-asset portfolios. It supports a wide range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, stocks, futures, and currencies.

Delta is recognized for helping users manage their investments with precision, offering real-time P&L metrics, detailed analysis of assets, and customizable options for tracking asset movement. The platform prides itself on user-friendliness and a secure environment for investment tracking.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and is suitable for active investors who seek hands-on control over their diverse investment portfolios. Users can also subscribe to Delta Pro for additional features and enhanced capabilities​​.

What is a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is a digital tool that allows investors to oversee all their cryptocurrency holdings in one platform. It provides real-time data on price fluctuations, performance analytics, and asset distribution. 

Unlike crypto wallets, which store cryptocurrencies, or crypto exchanges, where trades are executed, portfolio trackers consolidate data from various sources to give a comprehensive view of an investor's assets, aiding in informed decision-making and streamlined investment management.

Why Do You Need a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker efficiently monitors the value of your investments, ensuring you're always aware of your financial standing. It's instrumental in recognizing market trends, allowing for timely optimization of trades. 

With the rise of numerous coins and tokens, exchanges, wallets, and DeFi protocols, diversification is key, and trackers ensure you never miss a beat. 

Additionally, as governments worldwide clamp down on cryptocurrency regulations, maintaining accurate records becomes paramount. 

Portfolio trackers assist in this, streamlining the crypto taxation processes and ensuring impeccable record-keeping.

Key Features to Look for in a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

  • Asset Coverage: A robust tracker should support a wide number and variety of cryptocurrencies, tokens, NFTs, tokenized stocks and commodities. This ensures users can monitor both mainstream and niche tokens, maximizing the scope of their investments and future-proofing against emerging coins.
  • Pricing Data: It's not just about having pricing data; the quality matters. Accurate, reliable, and consistent pricing information is crucial for investors to make informed decisions and gauge the real-time worth of their holdings.
  • Integration with Exchanges: A quality tracker seamlessly integrates with various exchanges, offering automated data retrieval. This reduces manual entry errors and saves precious time compared to trackers that require manual input.
  • User Interface: A well-designed, intuitive user interface simplifies the tracking process. Visual representations, like charts and graphs, combined with a clear dashboard, enhance the user experience, making asset management straightforward.
  • Real-time Updates: The volatile nature of the crypto market necessitates frequent and accurate updates. A good tracker provides real-time or near-real-time updates, ensuring users always have the latest data at their fingertips.
  • Reporting Tools: Beyond simple tracking, advanced tools offer tax reporting capabilities, detailed transaction histories, and analytics. These features simplify end-of-year tax calculations and give insights into trading habits and strategies.
  • Tax Optimization & Reporting: Navigating the labyrinth of crypto taxation can be daunting. An ideal tracker not only offers detailed tax reporting but also provides insights and suggestions for tax optimization. This ensures investors can legally minimize tax liabilities while staying compliant.
  • Multi-Device Support: The digital age demands accessibility. Whether on mobile while commuting, desktop at work, or via the web on any device, a versatile tracker is available across multiple platforms, ensuring users stay informed anytime, anywhere.

How to Set Up a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

  1. Choose a Portfolio Tracker: Start by selecting a reputable crypto portfolio tracker from our list, considering features like coin coverage, user interface, and exchange integrations.
  2. Sign Up: Create an account using a strong, unique password.
  3. Add Wallets: Use the tracker's integration feature to connect to your wallets and exchanges. This will automatically import your balances and transaction histories.
  4. Monitor & Update: Regularly check your portfolio's performance. If you make new trades or purchases, ensure they're reflected in the tracker.

Are Crypto Portfolio Trackers Safe to Use?

The safety of crypto portfolio trackers largely hinges on their design and the precautions taken by users. Established trackers with a history of reliable service and positive feedback tend to be more trustworthy. 

When syncing portfolio trackers with exchanges, they often use API keys. It's vital to ensure these keys don't have withdrawal permissions, adding an extra layer of safety. 

Legitimate trackers will also never request your private keys; sharing them can jeopardize your funds. 

Additionally, the best trackers prioritize data privacy, ensuring your information isn't shared or sold to third parties. 

Lastly, a regularly updated crypto portfolio tracker is a positive sign, as it shows the developers' commitment to maintaining security and functionality. 

Can a Portfolio Tracker Help with Tax Calculations?

Diligent documentation of your crypto activity is key for accurate tax reporting, so a good portfolio tracker is a great first step! However, only crypto portfolio trackers like Blockpit offer additional functionalities to automatically log and categorize your transactions.

These tools differentiate between taxable events, like selling a cryptocurrency for fiat, receiving income from staking or airdrops, or exchanging one coin for another, and non-taxable events, such as transferring crypto between your own wallets.

Blockpit’s crypto tax calculator can then compute potential capital gains or losses based on the transaction data and the specific tax rules of your jurisdiction and even provide detailed tax reports you can use with your tax filing software or when working with a tax professional.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for general information purposes only. The information was completed to the best of our knowledge and does not claim either correctness or accuracy. For detailed information on crypto regulations, we recommend contacting a certified legal advisor in the respective country.

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