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Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting and Portfolio Monitoring.

Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting and Portfolio Monitoring.

Track your portfolio in real-time, get a personalized tax report,
set customized alerts and take part in the development of new features.

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What do we do?

Unify your monitoring

Combine all your trades, wallets, mining rewards and other income into one dashboard. Get a real-time overview of your portfolio development, holdings and information on taxable profits, speculative periods and more.

Avoid financial fraud

Have a clear overview on what you really have to report to the authorities of your country. Get a tax report from your complete transaction history, which is legally approved by one of our partners.

Alerts and hints

Set alerts for certain events, like value change of a coin, milestones in your portfolio or upcoming forks. You can also enable "tax hints" to get notifications adjusted to your portfolio, seasonal events and country of residence.

Our partners

Paying crypto taxes shouldn’t be complicated...

Let Blockpit do it for You!