Warning Against Phishing Attempts: How to Protect Yourself

Be wary of suspicious email notifications.

Written by: Blockpit, Crypto Tax Calculator & Portfolio Tracker
Reviewed by: Dr. Max Bernt, Chief Legal Officer

Last updated:  
March 7, 2024

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Protect yourself from phishing attempts


  • Blockpit and the Blockpit team will never ask for your sensitive information

Dear Blockpit Community,

We would like to alert you to an increase in phishing emails currently circulating, which pretend to be communications from Blockpit or are sent in the name of the German Federal Ministry of Finance as Blockpit. These fraudulent emails may request transfers of money for supposed tax back payments or try to lure you to websites that ask for sensitive wallet access information.

<div fs-richtext-component="info-box" class="info-box"><div class="flex-info-card"><img src="https://assets-global.website-files.com/65098a145ece52db42b9c274/650c6f4cef4c34160eab4440_Info.svg" loading="eager" width="64" height="64" alt="" class="icon-info-box"><div fs-richtext-component="info-box-text" class="info-box-content"><p class="color-neutral-800">Please be aware: Blockpit and our team will never ask you for account or wallet access, credit card information, or API keys with trading and withdrawal permissions. As a pure software provider, we are not involved in the custody or trading of crypto assets. Any claims to the contrary are attempts at fraud!</p></div></div></div>

Recognizing and Avoiding Phishing Emails

To protect yourself and your crypto assets, we recommend the following precautions:

1.     Check the sender's email address: Official communications from Blockpit are always sent from a "@blockpit.io" domain. Look out for suspicious or misspelled email addresses (for instance, the small 'L' and the big 'I' being exchanged - "bIockpit").

2.     Be cautious with web addresses and links: Check the URL by hovering your mouse over links without clicking. The address should match the official Blockpit domain "blockpit.io". Never click on links that appear suspicious.

3.     Avoid downloading suspicious attachments: Follow the first two steps before opening attachments or clicking on links, especially if the email seems unusual.

4.     Pay attention to the content and spelling: Official emails from Blockpit are carefully composed and usually free of spelling mistakes. We will never request sensitive information or ask you to "connect your wallets with read & write permissions".

5.     Report suspicious emails: Forward phishing attempts to legal@blockpit.io so we can take action against them. Only with your help can we actively combat this.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, our support team is available at any time. Contact us at support@blockpit.io or through our ticket system. Your understanding and vigilance are crucial for the safety of all our users. Thank you for your trust in Blockpit!

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