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More than 250,000 crypto assets & protocols
NFTs, DeFi, derivatives, commodities & more
Integrate via API, Public Keys or CSV upload

Advanced Insights

Profit & loss analysis
Detailed portfolio performance metrics
Crypto tax optimisation

Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time tracking
Historical price feeds
Comprehensive crypto dashboard

Smart Assistance

Advanced filtering options
Automatic categorisation
Automatic & manual transaction merging
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Transactions Processed
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We Know Crypto

Unrivaled Asset Coverage

Stay ahead with a crypto portfolio tracker that supports the most cryptocurrencies, digital assets, exchanges, wallets, blockchains and more, offering a broad and deep view of your digital investments.

Extensive DeFi Support

Dive into decentralized finance with ease, featuring full support for platforms like Uniswap V3, DeFi Chain and Defi Kingdoms. Accurate price feeds are pulled directly from the blockchain.

Enhanced Portfolio Management

Track and optimize your cryptocurrency holdings in one place, avoiding the complexity of managing assets across various exchanges and wallets.

Detailed NFT Tracking

Showcase your NFTs, complete with detailed purchase information, accurate floor prices, and profit or loss calculations. Compatible with major chains like Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano.

Valuable Insights

Gain crucial insights into your portfolio's performance and market trends, enabling informed, data-driven decisions to boost your investment returns.

Professional Tax Reporting

Generate country-specific crypto tax reports with a click of a button. Maximize tax savings through intelligent tax-loss harvesting strategies.

250,000+ Assets, Wallets, Exchanges & Blockchains

If it has a ticker we probably support it.

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Why You'll Love Us ❤️

Top product that considerably simplifies the tax return – taken with regard to thousands of trades, this is what makes it possible!

Blockpit is easy to use. Anyone (beginner or advanced) can track and document their trades and movements across time with ease. The customer service is top-notch: fast response times, solution focused and customer driven.

Excellent tool to be on the safe side with crypto taxes.

An ingenious tool with even better customer support. A very good solution to save a lot of time with my tax return.

By Degens.
For Degens.

In the heart of our team lies a profound passion for the crypto universe. We're not just developers; we're avid members of the community. Our commitment is to offer a crypto portfolio tracker that reflects that spirit—a product built not just for you, but by someone just like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most burning questions about our free portfolio tracker.

Is Blockpit a crypto portfolio tracker?

Yes, Blockpit is a free portfolio tracker with more than 250,000 supported assets and advanced portfolio management features. Blockpit also offers tools to calculate and optimise your crypto taxes for your yearly tax return.

Is Blockpit free to use? 

Yes! Blockpit offers a free portfolio tracker for crypto assets and more. Sign up for free today to get started.

Does Blockpit support NFTs?

Of course. Not only can you track your NFTs, you can also showcase them in your very own NFT gallery. Blockpit supports popular NFT chains like Etherereum, Solana or Cardano.

How do I connect my wallets to Blockpit?

There are multiple ways to integrate your entire portfolio into Blockpit. We offer official API integrations for crypto exchanges, support for tens of thousands of blockchains and assets via Public Key integration, and even a manual CSV upload.

Does Blockpit support DeFi?

Absolutely. Blockpit fully supports Uniswap V3 (Ethereum), DeFi Chain, Defi Kingdoms and many more. Accurate price feeds are pulled directly from the blockchain.

Does Blockpit offer crypto tax reports?

Highly accurate, country-specific crypto tax reports is what we're known for 😎 Check out our crypto tax calculator to learn more about it.