Advanced Crypto Tax Calculator

Save crypto taxes with our powerful crypto tax software, personal tax reports and pre-filled tax forms for select countries.

Unrivaled Tools for Expert Tax Reporting

Seamless Sync

More than 250,000 crypto assets & protocols
NFTs, DeFi, derivatives, commodities & more
Connect via API, Public Keys or CSV upload

Automatic Classification

Auto-labeling & auto-matching for all transactions
Advanced blockchain protocol recognition
Active transaction fee handling

Crypto Tax Optimization

Actionable tax-saving opportunities
Full tax-loss harvesting support
Unrealized gains & losses overview

Crypto Tax Reporting

Supports country-specific tax rules
Pre-filled tax forms for select countries
Additional explanations for tax authorities
Unique Assets Tracked
Transactions Processed
Tax Reports Generated

Effortless Crypto Tax Calculation

Generate country-specific crypto tax reports in 3 steps. It's that easy.

1. Import Transactions

Import your transaction history from your wallets and exchanges.

2. Review & Optimize

Gain new insights and discover actionable tax-saving opportunities.

3. Generate Tax Report

Click the button to download your complete crypto tax report.

Designed for Crypto Lovers. Developed by Crypto Experts.

DeFi DemystiFied

Staking, lending, borrowing, liquidity pools, swaps, yield farming – we support it! Import transactions from the DEX of your choice and receive a crypto tax report that any tax agent can understand.

Smart Assistance

Automatic analysis, identification and matching for your transactions and on-chain trades across your entire portfolio.

In-Depth NFT Reports

Let your NFTs shine in your personal NFT Gallery. Receive the most accurate floor prices for your priced collections, as well as additional purchase details and capital gain or loss calculations.

Issue Management

Easily solve issues and fill in the gaps with warnings for missing balances, missing pricing information or unlabeled transactions.

Vast Asset Support

Choose from 250,000+ integrations, covering everything from the world's largest crypto exchanges to the most obscure blockchains, protocols and dApps. If it has a ticker we probably support it.

Expert Support

We take a lot of pride in our excellent customer service. Our team is standing by to support you on your way to your crypto tax report.

250,000+ Assets, Wallets, Exchanges & Blockchains

If it has a ticker we probably support it.

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Why You'll Love Us ❤️

Top product that considerably simplifies the tax return – taken with regard to thousands of trades, this is what makes it possible!

Blockpit is easy to use. Anyone (beginner or advanced) can track and document their trades and movements across time with ease. The customer service is top-notch: fast response times, solution focused and customer driven.

Excellent tool to be on the safe side with crypto taxes.

An ingenious tool with even better customer support. A very good solution to save a lot of time with my tax return.

Expert-Backed Tax Reports

We collaborate with crypto tax experts to ensure our tax calculations comply with the specific regulations of individual countries, like long-term and short-term gains, tax-free allowances, and additional tax benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most burning questions about our crypto tax calculator.

Can I use Blockpit for free?

Yes, you can add integrations for your entire crypto portfolio and use all portfolio tracking features for free. You only need to purchase a tax license once you want to download your crypto tax report.

How many tax reports can I create?

Once purchased, you can create and download an unlimited number of reports for the tax year for which your license is valid.

Which countries are supported?

Our crypto tax reports can be used in all countries that apply the FIFO method for calculating profits. We also offer special country-specific and legally compliant tax frameworks in cooperation with KPMG. Countries include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. Other countries are added on an ongoing basis.

Are there any transaction limits?

You can process up to 500.000 transactions within a single tax year, depending on the tax license you purchase. The transaction limit refers only to the transactions within the respective tax year! Transaction limits do not apply to portfolio tracking.

Can I create tax reports for past tax years?

Yes! You can create tax reports for years going back as far as 2013.

Do you provide individual tax advise?

We don't. Our support team is always happy to assist with any questions you might have regarding our products. However, we do partner with crypto tax experts from around the world. Find the right one for you here: