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About the company

Blockpit GmbH was founded in September 2017 in Linz, Austria.

The company is solving complex cross-platform calculations and delivers monitoring interfaces with high usability for cryptocurrency traders and corporates that use blockchain technology.

The tax problem and our solution

Many people have been actively trading cryptocurrencies for years and the number of speculators and investors grows bigger by the day, as media attention about the topic rises. With over 50 different exchanges based all over the world and more than 1,500 different coins and tokens traded there, it can be hard to keep an overview when your funds are split up. Especially because every transaction is seen as a taxable event, even the trade between different cryptocurrencies. This can become a real problem, at the latest when tax authorities demand an explanation for the sudden income.

The average trader might not be aware of the financial fraud he is eventually committing, or is simply not able to get a clear documentation of his trading history to prove the source of his income. To deliver a solution to this problem, Blockpit is creating a monitoring platform, which combines all sources of cryptocurrency income into one complete record. After a one-time setup past and future transactions are imported in real-time to always keep the documentation up to date. Licensed tax advisory partners located in various countries will offer to check and approve the report to liquidate the risk of financial fraud with the click of a button.

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