Blockpit Editorial Policy

Blockpit’s mission is to demystify the complexities of cryptocurrency taxation. We strive to empower our readers with accurate, clear, and actionable information. Our commitment to editorial excellence is at the heart of building trust within our community. This policy outlines our approach to creating, reviewing, and updating our educational content.

Editorial Principles

Accuracy and Clarity

All our content is meticulously researched and written by writers with expertise in cryptocurrency, finance, and tax law. 

We rely on reputable sources, including government publications, tax authorities, and leading financial institutions. Sources are carefully vetted and cited to maintain transparency and allow readers to further explore topics.

We commit to using clear and accessible language, avoiding jargon whenever possible, to ensure our content is understandable to all, from beginners to advanced users.

Expert Reviews

Before publication, each piece undergoes a rigorous review by industry experts to ensure factual accuracy and relevance. 

Our Editorial Review Board consists of experts in the area of cryptocurrency tax law, cryptocurrency technology and finance.

Independence and Objectivity

Blockpit maintains strict editorial independence. Our content is free from external influence and we do not accept payment for external content that is published on our website. 

Any potential conflict of interest related to our content will be clearly disclosed, ensuring our readers can trust the objectivity of our information.

Continuous Updates

The cryptocurrency and tax landscapes are rapidly evolving. We regularly review and update our content to reflect the latest regulations, trends, and technological advancements.

Reader feedback is crucial. We encourage our audience to share their insights and questions, which helps us to improve and update our content appropriately.

How We Use AI

Our writers use AI to enhance the quality and accessibility of our content. This mainly includes the simplification of complex regulatory concepts and the creation of examples to demonstrate how specific regulations are applied to real-life cases.

While AI contributes to our content creation process, it does not replace human expertise or judgment.

We do not use AI for research or fact-checking. Every piece of content, wether it is published on our blog, our tax guides, or our social media channels, is carefully fact-checked by a member of our Editorial Review Board.

Editorial Review Board

Mag. Georg Brameshuber

Georg Brameshuber is tax advisor and legal scholar in cryptoeconomics. He is a Fellow at the Institute for Financial Law in Vienna and Web3 entrepreneur.

Dr. Max Bernt

Max holds a PhD in transnational criminal law and related policy making from the University of Vienna/University of Queensland (summa cum laude). Prior to joining Blockpit, Max practised as a lawyer in Vienna for several years, where he specialised in criminal law and also passed the Austrian judge exam. For Blockpit, he chairs the relevant INATBA finance working group and regularly acts as an advisor and speaker in the area of crypto-related regulation.

Florian Wimmer

As one of Blockpit’s founders, Florian has been deep into cryptoassets since 2015 and dealt with the complexity of tax treatment himself early on. He works at Blockpit to solve this problem for himself and many others in the best possible way.