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& Tracking

Track crypto investments, capitalize on opportunities, outsmart your taxes. Full support for DeFi & NFTs.

  • Free portfolio tracking & anonymous signup

  • Smart blockchain imports for 250,000+ assets

  • Supports IRS, HMRC, BMF tax rules & many more

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The 360° Cockpit for Your Entire Portfolio

Gain New Insights

Monitor your entire crypto portfolio's growth and discover new opportunities in a beautiful, all-in-one dashboard.

Let Your Degen Flag Fly

We know crypto. That's why we can offer integrations for more than 250,000 assets from even the most obscure blockchains, protocols, exchanges, dApps and more!

Your Personal Tax Co-Pilot

Capitalize on opportunities that others simply can't see. Take data-driven decisions to optimize your taxes, offset losses and boost the return on your investments.


Expert-Backed Tax Reporting

Generate your personal crypto tax report, designed to comply with your country's unique tax regulations. Our expert-audited reports ensure compliance and minimize audit risks with your local tax authority.

1. Import Transaction History

Import your transaction history from your wallets and exchanges.

2. Review & Optimize

Gain new insights into your transactions and discover tax-saving opportunities.

3. Generate Tax Report

Click the button to download your complete crypto tax report. It's that easy.

Seamless Synchronization

Enjoy the cleanest data quality for all your crypto adventures. From trading robo kitties to earning staking rewards, your transactions are automatically recognized, balanced, and matched – even with incomplete information.

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Leading Blockchain Importer

Secure Connections

Benefit from direct integrations and secure connections to crypto exchanges from around the world.

Via APIs, public keys and CSVs

Vast Asset Support

Use your public wallet keys to easily track transactions for more than 100.000 crypto assets.

On desktop, tablet and mobile

NFT Showcase

Let your NFTs shine in your personal NFT Gallery. Blockpit provides the most accurate floor prices for your priced collections.

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Why You'll Love Us ❤️

Top product that considerably simplifies the tax return – taken with regard to thousands of trades, this is what makes it possible!

Blockpit is easy to use. Anyone (beginner or advanced) can track and document their trades and movements across time with ease. The customer service is top-notch: fast response times, solution focused and customer driven.

Excellent tool to be on the safe side with crypto taxes.

An ingenious tool with even better customer support. A very good solution to save a lot of time with my tax return.