Blockpit x LCX: Streamlining Your Crypto Taxes & Special Benefits

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July 12, 2024

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  • Get a 25% discount on your first Blockpit license and enter the 3,000$ LCX token raffle by registering with Blockpit in April.
  • LCX provides a secure crypto ecosystem with tokenization solutions and a regulated exchange, enabling seamless participation in the digital asset economy.
  • Simplify your LCX taxes with Blockpit, automating calculations and portfolio tracking for effortless tax reporting.
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What is LCX?

LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, is pioneering the fusion of traditional finance and the dynamic blockchain landscape. With 8 regulatory registrations from the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein, LCX ensures compliance with evolving blockchain regulations. Established in 2018, LCX operates from Vaduz, with additional offices in Zug, Switzerland, and New Delhi, India.

The platform offers innovative solutions including a regulated cryptocurrency exchange and tokenization services. Additionally, the LCX Token powers the platform, while the ICO and IPO Launchpad streamlines token sale processes. With LCX Earn, users can earn fixed yields on various assets through tokenized bonds. LCX provides a secure ecosystem for businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital asset economy.

Streamline Your LCX Taxes with Blockpit

Save time and effort with automated tax calculations and effortless portfolio tracking.

  • Simplify Crypto Tax Reporting: Automate calculations for LCX transactions.
  • Effortlessly Track Your Holdings: Manage all your crypto assets in one place.
  • Securely Import Data: Import LCX trading data seamlessly for easy record-keeping.
  • Enjoy Wide Asset Coverage: Blockpit supports various cryptocurrencies, including those traded on LCX.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits as an LCX User!

  • Get 25% off your first Blockpit license by signing up through LCX's "Tax report via Blockpit" button.
  • Enter the LCX token raffle worth 3,000$ by registering with Blockpit in April.
Tax Report via Blockpit on LCX
Tax Report via Blockpit on LCX

Here is a guide on how you can connect your Blockpit Account with LCX, fetching any trading data in real-time: LCX Integration

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