Blockpit Acquires A Game-Changing Merger

Blockpit announces the acquisition of

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March 7, 2024

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  • Blockpit acquired
  • Accointing users can easily migrate to Blockpit and receive free "unlimited" tax licenses for the years before 2023
  • The new user base benefits from promising new features, improved tools, robust reporting capabilities, and efficient customer support

Blockpit Acquires

We’re excited to announce Blockpit’s recent acquisition of, a move which will further shape the future of the European Crypto Tax Compliance space. The combined resources will forge a powerhouse for crypto tax software and enable rapid innovation in response to evolving tax regulations and user needs.

The similar nature of the businesses make this deal even more attractive. While the platform will be shut down end of January next year, there is a very easy process for accointing users to migrate all their data to a Blockpit account with a few clicks.

At the same time, accointing users will be eligible for free Blockpit unlimited licences for all tax years before 2023, even if they did never purchase a license at accointing in the past. This way we want to allow everyone to try out Blockpit and fall in love with the sleek usability and high performance of our platform.

Welcoming everyone to the Blockpit platform allows the growing team to focus all our resources on one joint userbase. Users can anticipate a wealth of new features, improved tools, more robust reporting capabilities and efficient customer support.

Further, the network of Blockpit tax professionals is now available to accointing users who seek in-depth advice, legal support or even face-to-face support for the software.

Next to the benefits for our users, this merger reinforces Europe's prominence in the crypto tax landscape. The fusion of Blockpit with German contender Cryptotax in 2020 and now the Swiss firm accointing introduces a clear Central European leader in the space.

A quote by our CEO Florian: “We’ve been well aware of Accointing over the past years, as they have always shared similar ambitions as Blockpit. This opportunity to bundle our forces in anticipation of the upcoming regulatory enforcement of crypto tax laws emerged at just the right time.

With the recent passage of DAC8, the unwavering commitment of all our companies to regulatory compliance and accuracy in tax reporting will prove a key attribute in the future to come. Users can trust that their crypto transactions will be handled with the utmost precision and in accordance with relevant tax laws.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all accointing stakeholders on our journey to continue building the undisputed No. 1 Crypto Tax Software.


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